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  1. The applicant resides within Adehyeman’s area of operations and his/her farm is located within Adehyeman’s area of operations. The area of operations is defined as up to Winneba, Kwanyako, Nyakrom, Nsaba, Ajumako/ Anyinasu, or otherwise strictly below 1-hour travel.

  2. Minimum acreage: 5 acres under cultivation (rented or owned); if the applicant   resides within 30 minutes travel distance, a minimum of 3 acres applies.

  3. Minimum loan amount: 4,000 GHS. If the applicant resides within 30 minutes travel distance, a minimum of 3,000 GHS applies.

  4. The applicant should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in crops or livestock;

  5. The applicant undertakes one or more of following activities: Cocoa, Cassava, Maize, Vegetables, Rice, Poultry (layers), Piggery, Agricultural commodity trading (aggregator), and processing of agricultural commodities.

  6. The applicant has at least two sources of income. The additional source of income may come from:

          a. Another agricultural activity

          b. An off-farm activity

          Any request for exceptions to the above should be stated clearly in an email     

          accompanying the loan summary that is sent for final approval. It is at discretion

          of management to approve or reject such requests for exception.


        7. The applicant must have a valid National ID card or a Passport.

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