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News & Features: Client Testimonials

Mr. Asiedu Sekyere [Deposit Client, Dome Branch]

A great and long lasting experience is what Mr. Asiedu Sekyere shares with colleagues and friends about Adehyeman Savings and loans Limited (ASL).

Born some 35 years ago, he had always natured the ambition of been an entrepreneur and a business owner for that matter. He mentions that he draws a lot of inspiration from self made business men. 


He recalls his first full encounter with Adehyeman Savings and Loans when he visited the Dome Branch with the sole objective of accessing a loan facility fulfill his life-long dream of owning his business, having heard of Adehyeman through a direct promotional activity organized by the Dome Branch.  


Unlike many other Financial Institutions, he was warmly welcomed into the branch and offered financial advice on the fact that he could develop a short to medium term savings plan to save an initial capital to start his business. He could not access a start up loan because as an eligibility criterion the business should have been in existence for a minimum of six (6) months.


This expert advice from one of the customer relations officers made him decided to start his own savings from the little he earns from other businesses and menial jobs he executed. He is grateful to the Customer Relations officer who supported him to develop a savings plan of consistently saving GHC5 a day towards the achievement of his objectives.


“I am happy I am saving with Adehyeman, they really make me feel like a Royal, he says”.


Asked his impression of Adehyeman, he simply stated “I think Adehyeman is there for everyone”. He recounts how he opened an account with GHC10 and could currently boast of having saved GHC 2000 in two deposit accounts he operates due to his consistent savings behavior. He stated, quite apart from the Quality customer care and solid financial advice he enjoys from the company, he also earns high interest on his RoyalMax (Savings) and RoyalPlus (Fixed Deposit) Account.


The turning point in his life took effect after he realized he has been able to save enough money to start his business after six months, thanks to the expert advice he received from Adehyeman.


Mr. Asiedu has also benefited from several business management seminars organized by Adehyeman for its loyal customers in particular and the public at large.


The shared experiences and advice by other clients in similar businesses during such seminars has contributed in no small way to the total growth of his business.


This is what he has to say when asked about his relationship with Adehyeman. “My shop is what it is today because I had the correct and timely advice from Adehyeman,  I now have my own shop because of that advice”


When asked whether he had a word of advice for the youth who would want to start their own business (es), he said the youth should be prudent in their expenditure and develop a good savings habit, they should avoid all forms of vices that could ruin their career and businesses. He indicated that they could also talk to experts in the financial and business field as he had done with Adehyeman.

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